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Introducing SunCheck.

Responsible tanning has never been easier, thanks to SunCheck on your iPhone. 
With SunCheck you can check your skin for sunburn after a day out in the sun. 

SunCheck measures your level of tanning and redness using the camera of your iPhone, and gives you advice for further sun exposure depending on the condition of your skin, the current weather and the local UV-index.

SunCheck is your personal skin coach.  You get feedback with each measurement. based on the weather, the local UV index, and your skin condition, helping you to be out in the sun without risking your health.

SunCheck evaluates the tan and sunburn of your skin by analyzing the color of the light that is reflected from your LED flash.
The more you are tanned or sunburned, the higher the Tan and Redness values become.

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Get SunCheck Pro.

With SunCheck Pro, the whole family can enjoy responsible tanning! You can define the skin type for multiple users, and each user gets personalized advice based on weather, UV index and the current condition of his or her skin.

Ever wonder how much your skin really tans? Or whether you are recovering from sunburn? Get SunCheck Pro, and you can easily follow your skin condition from day to day. Each measurement is stored and beautiful graphics give you insight in how your skin has changed over time.

Exposure time

SunCheck Pro can tell you how long you can be out in the sun before risking sunburn. This advice is based on the weather, local UV index and your skin type, which is estimated by asking you a few questions about your skin, and by measuring your skin’s pigmentation.

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